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Greetings and Well Met,

Greetings Family and Friends, to where we have collected information over the years. We found out that the Enchanted Family has two very famous people at the top of the tree named:

Adam and Eve.
(129 x great grandfather and 129 x great grandmother to Lady Kathleen)
A Large Chart that shows the direct lines from Lady Kathleen to Adam and Eve

So while exploring the tree you can follow their descendants as they scattered throughout the world. Some were famous by their deeds or heritage like the Royalty of many countries and US Presidents. You may find that some information was gathered from legends and folk lore. We feel if there is a story to tell we will spin the tale for all to enjoy.
We have interesting people like
Alexander Hamilton 1st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury pictured on the 10 dollar bill
E.J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic
Noah from the Great Floods in the Bible
Sarah Palin from Political Circles
Bing Crosby Actor and Singer (White Christmas)
Lady Godiva that rode a horse in town covered only by her hair
Fulk FitzWarin believed to be the Legendary Robin Hood
Owner of Nunney Castle George Prater

Presidents of the United States
President, Abraham Lincoln
President, Franklin D. Roosevelt
President, John Adams
President, John Quincy Adams
President, Zachary Taylor

Pilgrims from the Mayflower
William Brewster
John Alden
Stephen Hopkins
John Howland
Elizabeth Tilly

Travelers of the Wagon Trains
William H Hamilton
Cornelius Prather and who wrote about it in a diary about the trip

Soldiers that fought Indians
Thomas Sprigg
James Smallwood

Friends with Buffalo Bill (Col William F. Cody)
John William Bradley

William Weillum Compton
Thomas Hamilton
Rev Henry Cobb
Robert Gutteridge
Niels Christian Christensen
Report for More Immigrates

Enchanted Family

I am Lady Kathleen and this is my family tree.

I hope my tree is intriguing to others like yourself. So weather you are in my family line or not I hope you can find something of interest.

People, Places and Events and keeping it all organized.

There are many historical resources that I have found which can be very helpful when I am uncovering my family's particular history. I start by asking lots of questions: What was happening at that time, in that decade? Where exactly were they living? Is there a history written of that area? What area of the country was being sold or annexed? Where was the seat of government, and when was it established? Where were records kept in that year? Were there newspapers published in those places? Where did ships arrive, and from where? Are there passenger lists available, indexed, online? Oh yes Online is one of my most favorite places to search for information and that is why the birth of the Enchanted Family came to be. I feel I am giving back to others by posting what I have found. I also find that detailing as much as I can about people places and events make my ancestors' history come alive, and

Here at the Enchanted Family I use a program called The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) and I do researching andd store sources at Ancestry website. I try to add stories to the ladykathleen.com website, which is a wordpress website. I have always been interested in history, well maybe not so much dates but the events and stories of the people.

One of my projects has been to prove the fact if your related to one King or Queen you are related to them all. You can find my King and Queens of England and how they relate on this report. I hope to be adding more over time. If your interested in People with Titles you should check that report.

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