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Noah, of the Bible[1]

Male 2885 BC - 1935 BC

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  • Name Noah  
    Suffix of the Bible 
    Relationshipwith Kathleen Alice Jones-Rouse
    Birth 2885 BC 
    Gender Male 
    Also Known As Nuh Noe 
    Stories and Notes
    • He was 600 years old when the great flood occurred. He and his sons repopulated the earth. Noah also discovered the process of fermentation and was the first person in the Bible to experience intoxication
    Stories and Notes He divided the world among his sons  [3
    To Lady Kathleen Great Grand Father 
    Death 1935 BC  [4
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    Father Lamech, of the Bible,   b. 3067 BC   d. 2290 BC 
    Mother Betenos, of the Bible 
    Family ID F4131  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Tytea, of the Bible 
    +1. Japheth, of the Bible and Asia,   b. 2385 BC   d. Yes, date unknown
    +2. Shem, of the Bible,   b. 2385 BC   d. 1785 BC
     3. Ham, of the Bible,   b. 2385 BC   d. Yes, date unknown
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  • Notes 
    • It is believed that Noah built an ark to save his family which was his wife and 3 sons and thier wives. He also saved all the animals from the flood.

      The grrat flood was said to be sent by God because he was saddened by the wickness of mankind. After the flood Noah was the first tiller of the soil. Noah died 350 year after the Great Flood and was age 950.

      Naoh seems to be recorded as the first "excessive drinker".

  • Sources 
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      Noah divided the world amongst his three sons, begotten of his wife Titea: viz., to Shem he gave Asia, within the Euphrates, to the Indian Ocean; to Ham he gave Syria, Arabia, and Africa; and to Japhet, the rest of Asia beyond the Euphrates, tog ether with Europe to Gadea (or Cadiz).

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