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County Records - 1850 Census for Jefferson Co, IA

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  • Title County Records - 1850 Census for Jefferson Co, IA 
    Short Title County Records 
    Source ID S105 
    Text Dwelling #181, Jno Howard, 42, farmer, NC; Polly 43,; Leon, 22, m, IA; Mary, 20, f, IA; Eli, 18, m, IA; Alvin, 16, m, IA; Greenbury, 15, m IA; Sarah A, 13, f, IA; James, 11, m, IA; Jno 9, m, IA; Thos, 7, m, IA 
    Linked to (11) Polly
    Alvin Greenbury Howard
    Eli Howard
    Greenbury Howard
    James Howard
    Jno Howard
    John Howard
    Leon Howard
    Mary Howard
    Sarah Howard
    Thos Howard 

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    • Reasearch Notes:
      Since Martha Prather didn't marry John Howard until 8 Dec 1832 (Clark Co), from the ages of Leon, Mary (and probably Eli) above, it is obvious she was a second wife. And since Alvin P is the ONLY child listed above who was an heir-at-law of Mart ha, it would appear that he might have been the only child of Martha and John Howard and that she very likely predeceased her father, perhaps dying in childbirth when Alvin P was born in 1835 or not long afterwards. Otherwise, unless specificall y precluded from doing so, the younger children with the exception of Thomas, would also inherited from her share, since they were all born before the death of Walter Prather in 1841. This would seem to indicate they were all the children of th e Polly ?? whom John Howard married after Martha died.