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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F19
 Smith, Mildred   
2 F4683
 Murchison, Mary   
3 F4102
 Capet, Isabel   
4 F1491
 Princess of Picts   
5 F1695
 Quentin, Alpaid   
6 F2647
 Daughter of Erbin of Strathclyde   
7 F2955
 Eudoxia Valentinianus of Rome   
8 F3196
 Staveness, Jennifer   
9 F3197
 Staveness, Jamie   
10 F3358
 Hancock, Queenie   
11 F3926
 Nefzger, Marie   
12 F153
 Holms, Lydia   
13 F4323
 Courtenay, Joan   
14 F4801
15 F4885
16 F4989
 Mucil, Ealhswith   
17 F2544
 Countess of Arundel, Alice of Saluzzo Bef 1285  
18 F3606
 Johnson, Mary Comer 24 Jun 1822  
19 F3602
 Rouse, Diana, WIfe of   
20 F4864
Abram Sarai   
21 F2853
Count of Carcasonne Acfrid II D'Aauvergne, Adelaide   
22 F2357
King of Ancient scotland Achir Cirre Athirco    
23 F2970
King of The goths Achiulf    
24 F1693
Count of The palace Adalard    
25 F501
Margrave of Tuscany Adalbert    
26 F1052
King of Italy Adalbert Countess of Burgundy Gerberge   
27 F1048
Count of Ivrea Adalbert Ermengarda of Tuscany   
28 F4477
Adalbert Gerlinde Abt 696 , , , France  
29 F4139
Adam of the Bible Eve of the Bible   
30 F2632
King of Tranovantes Addedomaros    
31 F2963
King of the Goths Adolphus    
32 F3003
King of Connacht Aed Abrad    
33 F2927
King of Demetia Aed Brosc Gwledtr Ferch Clydwyn, Wife of Demetia   
34 F3020
King of Cashel Aed Caomh    
35 F4715
King of Airgialla Aed Guaire mac Amalgaid    
36 F4652
Aedan mac Mongan    
37 F2570
Duke of Cornwall Aedd Mawr Ap Antonius    
38 F2059
King of Scotland Aedh    
39 F1002
King of Scots Aedh Find    
40 F4713
King of Ossory Aedh Finn    
41 F4714
High King of Ireland Aedh mac Anmire Land ingen Aedh   
42 F2398
King of Ireland Aedham Glas    
43 F1484
Earl of Mercia Aelfgar Aelfgifu, Wife of Mercia   
44 F2586
King of Latium Aeneus Princess of Troy Creusa   
45 F987
King of Kent Aesc    
46 F1764
King of England Aethelbald Judith of the West Franks 860  
47 F979
King of Kent AEthelbert II    
48 F4881
Aethelfrith of Wessex    
49 F4877
King of Wessex Aethelheard Queen of Wessex Frithugyth   
50 F1463
Ealdorman of Wiltshire Aethelhelm Aethelglyth of Mercia   

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