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51 A Book of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700. the lineage of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and some of their descendants Source (S111)
52 A crusader under Godfrey de Bouillon, who fell, gallantly fighting against the Infidels at Rames in the Battle of Ascalon Count of Blois Stephen Henry II (I3140)
53 a D.C.M. died of wounds during W.W.I. Compton, Henry Brian (I209)
54 A fictionalized William Compton was portrayed by Kristen Holden-Ried in 2007 on the Showtime television series The Tudors Compton, Courtier, Sir William (I16152)
55 A funeral service was conducted at 11:00 A.M. Monday, September 30, 2013 at Recurrection Cemetey at Cordi-Marian, 11624 Culebra Road San Antonio, Texas 78253. Zagala, Julianna Grace (I10109)
56 A Leyden record shows that William Brewster and Ann Peck gave power of attorney to Thomas Simkinson, merchant of Hull. Presumably Thomas Simkinson has some relation to Brewster's mother's first husband John Simkins Brewster, Reverend Elder William (I3911)
57 A lot of places say Ashford, Hertfordshire, England, but Ashford is not in Hertfordshire, It is more likely she was born Hertfordshire where her mother is from. Degrandison, Countess of Salisbury Katherine (I8956)
58 A Maryland Historical Marker is located north of the original land grant in the village of Mutual, Maryland. Veitch, Sheriff James (I605)
59 A minor when he took the throne he did not take the reigns of Government himself until 1234. Baronian discontent simmered, boiling over in 1258 when Henry facing financial disaster attempted to raise large sums from his magnates. Reforms were ag reed upon but then renouced by Henry. Simon de Montford lead a rebellion against the King (the Barons Wars) which was defeated after initial success, thereafter Henry ceeded much of his power to his son. Plantagenet, King of England Henry III (I809)
60 A rare volume, about 7 3/4" tall and 6" wide, believed to have been in the estate of "Elder" William Brewster, thence to his son Jonathan, and ultimately in the hands of a C.W. Fitch in 1897. The first 60 pages contain copies of a commissio n to Capt. John Mason, and of a license to Thomas Weston--an abstract of the patent of November, 1620--directions for transporting passengers to New England, lists of articles necessary for fitting out a fishing vessel, etc. On page 215 there a re several childish attempts at drawing horses and a note: "This horse may be rid With out bridel or saddel. I have taugh him to ambel." On the opposite page another picture was drawn of a horse--as large as the page would accommodate--an d a notation: "This was picketor Drone by Wilyem Bruster." Each entry (of these two) is believed to be drawn by a different person. Numerous early family entries appeared in the volume, copies of which were in 1896 housed at the Boston Public Library Source (S168)
61 A triumvirate (from Latin, "of three men") is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a triumvir Triumvir of Rome Marcus Antonius (I4539)
62 a twin of Anthony Vaughan, Daniel (I235)
63 Abdicated, renown for his military prowess, he reputedly defeated 350 viking ships in 851. He reduced taxation, endowed the Church, made lay lands inheritable, and provided systems of poor relief. King of England Aethelwulf (I2010)
64 Abel was the first human to die and the first human to be murdered. Abel of the Bible (I8207)
65 About Compton, John I (I282)
66 About Bears, Benjamin Bearse (I1041)
67 About Smith, Elkanah (I1043)
68 About Smith, Elizabeth (I1047)
69 About Hobart, Elizabeth (I1060)
70 About Bangs, Captain Edward (I1091)
71 About Bangs, Captain Edward (I1091)
72 About Count of Lusignan Hugh V (I2358)
73 about Campbell, William (I6450)
74 Abraham served in the Revolutionary War, and was reportedly killed. Compton, John I (I282)
75 According to "Bennett (VA Genealogies and
Biographies, 1500s-1900s, Maryland and Virginia
Colonials, Vol II, Prather-Prater, p 698)" Chloe was the daughter of Josiah & Sarah Howard Bennett 
Family F3618
76 According to legend, Moses declared, upon curing the child, that his descendants would forever be safe from serpents, and dwell in a land where serpents did not exist. The child is Gaodhal Glas, Gaodhal (I4318)
77 According to the death certificate he died on 7th October 1864 at Well Street Hanley aged 59 years. He died from phthisis. The informant was Thyrza Harrington who was present at the death and who lived at Well Street Hanley. The death was regist ered on 10th October 1864. At the 1871 census Catherine Smith is a widow living at 30 Well Street Hanley with her sons Joseph Hancock, Edward J Smith, daughter Thyrza Harrington and grandchildren James & Anne Harrington. Smith, Edward II (I128)
78 According to the town records of Gravesend, long Island, on September 30, 1652 William Compton made a deposition in the slander case of Nicholas Stillwell v. Ann Goulder. In his deposition, William stated that he was then 30 years old. Compton, William Weillum I (I272)
79 AD Magnus, Ratherius (I1846)
80 Ad Magnus, Antenor (I1847)
81 AD Magnus, Clodomir (I1848)
82 AD Magnus, Marcomer (I1849)
83 AD Magnus, Clodius (I1850)
84 Adam in the Bible has references to Adam the Individual and Adam as to referencing all humans. In Genesis 5:2 it states "Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam..." this is where Adam is used as a term for mankind or the whole human race. In Genesis 2 this is where Adam is made from the dust of the ground and then given "the breathe of life" and then Adam now becomes a living soul.

Genesis would teach us the God would then Give Adam the Garden of Eden to tend and to help tend this garden God then made Eve. No one truly knows where the Garden of Eden is some believe it is in heaven and some believe it is some place lost to us on earth.

Others that do not believe in Religion believe that it was evolution and that the Bible is just a story to explain the beginning of mankind. I will not state what I believe but instead I will pose some thought and questions. The bible does not mention dinosaurs yet there is proof that dinosaurs did exist millions of years before the Bible. So is it possible that mankind also lived during this time? Some believe that mankind did exist and they were wiped out with the dinosaurs. The nature of the event that caused this mass extinction has been extensively studied since the 1970s. So if God created the world and Adam and Eve how then does this explain the existence of fossil of Dinosaurs from an earlier time?

Yet others that believe in science fiction believe that mankind was planted here on earth by a superior race from another galaxy. In this the theory there is no proof as in there is with the dinosaurs, but this does not stop mankind from searching for life on other planets and making stories and movies with this theory. I seem to remember an old movie or story that related the stories in the bible to be stories of the beginning with the text obscuring the truth. In this story was where God was the ship that brought Adam and Eve to earth.

I am by no means a scholar but I do read a lot and watch a lot of movies. I do think somehow all things are tied together somehow and we just don't have the entire pieces to the puzzle. Which leads me to all the stories I have seen where one person or a group of people decide what is best for the rest by hiding the Truth.

We the people may never know the full story "unless we were to invent "Time Travel" so I, like the rest of mankind will have to settle now for beliefs, stories, and theories to know the true beginnings. 
Adam of the Bible (I8204)
85 Adopted Compton, Roy Wallace (I213)
86 After Silbil of Barcelona (I2317)
87 after Count of Lusignan Hugh IV (I2359)
88 after De Toneni, Alice (I2524)
89 after De Clare, Earl of Hertford Roger (I2653)
90 After 5 years of seminary, he was licensed to preachon Sept. 11, 1852.
He was a chaplain in the 7th Minnesota Volunteers during the Civil War.
His preaching assignments were as follows: 1853-55, Illinois; 1856-61,Minnesota; 1862-64 Army; 1864-83 Iowa; 1884-85 Wymore, Nebraska; 1886-88 Kansas; 1889 Oklahoma.
Held classes in Reno City, Darlington, and Union City 
Light, Rev. Oliver Perry (I162)
91 After a Long Illness McMahon, Mary Ann (I7140)
92 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jones-Rouse, Lady Kathleen Alice (I1)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jones-Rouse, Lady Kathleen Alice (I1)
94 After confering large donations on the Church, he died. Duke of Aquitaine William IX (I2195)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jones-Rouse, Lady Kathleen Alice (I1)
96 After leaving Creta, Arrived in Scythia where his cousins, the posterity of Nenuall (eldest son of Fenius Farsa) refusing to allot a place of habitation for him and his colony, they fought many battles. and was victorious, he then became soverei gn or King. King of Scythia Heber Scut (I4316)
97 After many traverses of fortune at sea, this little fleet with their leader arrived at last and landed at Gothia or Geulia-more recently called Lybia, where Carthage was afterwards built; and, soon after, Lamhfionn died there. Lamhfionn of Gothia (I4313)
98 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Jones-Rouse, Lady Kathleen Alice (I1)
99 After the Crusaders had successfully made their way across Seljuk territory and, in 1098, captured Antioch, Hugh was sent back to Constantinople to appeal for reinforcements from Alexius. Alexius was uninterested, however, and Hugh, instead of r eturning to Antioch to help plan the siege of Jerusalem, went back to France. There he was scorned for not having fulfilled his vow as a Crusader to complete a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and Pope Paschal II threatened to excommunicate him. He join ed the minor Crusade of 1101, but was wounded in battle with the Turks at Heraclea in June, and died of his wounds in October in Tarsus. Capet, Count of Vermandois Hugh (I2477)
100 After the death of Sir William Courtenay in 1535, Kingston married his widow, Mary, daughter of Sir John Gainsford, and left Gloucestershire to reside at Chudleigh, Devon, which, with Honiton, belonged to his wife's jointure. Kingston, Sir Anthony (I1008)

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